Just WHO is this ESTyree Person?

Elizabeth S. Tyree is a 31 year old Aquarian Bibliophile and Logophile. Among her pursuits are listed Super Mommy, Professional Netflix Binger, Book and Tea connoisseur, and anxiety riddled, small time BookTuber. Did we mention that she’s an author? There’s that too! 20160329_090843

Elizabeth writes across age levels and genres, bringing us picture books such as Leonard the Lemur and Little Monster with the help of her illustrator (and mother) Becky Tyree. She has also written a Middle Grade/Young Adult fantasy series, The Stone Dragon Saga.

When not working on snuggling down into this world of words, Elizabeth can be found volunteering with her local community band, crocheting, or splashing in a kiddie pool. She is a big fan of fairy tales (especially Beauty and the Beast), retro vibes, and knee high socks.