Vyx Villafree

The beginning of this story has been bopping around my head for a while now. While I am not really participating in NANOWRIMO this year, or really writing much right now, I took a bit of time out today to write up a (very rough) first few paragraphs. I hope that you enjoy what little I’ve got completed, and please feel free to let me know what you think!


Once upon a time in a cruel and crooked kingdom, there lived a maiden who was neither of those things. Though she had been raised as the rest of her generation had; to be shifty, thievy, and downright untrustworthy, this maiden refused to follow her friends’ trends. She did not join in on their cruel pranks. She did not approve of their backstabbing and lies. She even secretly left payments (with tips!) when their group went out for their weekly dine and ditch dinners.

 Those who thought they knew her best would have never believed these things of her. They would have argued fiercely that she was one of the worst in her crowd and, if anything, she would be the one to call for the hurting of whatever namby pamby wusspocket was soiling her bad name.  

In their society, names were everything. Her taken name, the one she chose for herself at the 15th year naming ceremony, meant strength, terror, and a vile disposition. Yes, Vyx struck fear into the hearts and souls of everyone around her. In short, she was a leader to be emulated and revered. Or so they all thought.

However, outside of her ill-mannered island, Vyx Villafree: Princess of Piratical Island, voted Most Vile 3 years in a row, was known as Violetta Vyllia, beloved sweet heart of the outlying kingdoms.


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