Another Day, Another Story

As you might have figured out by the title here…I have a new work in progress. If you read my recent post “Scraps of Inspired Receipts” then you’ve seen the first line of this new piece: I have never seen a human being look quite so much like an angler fish.

I know that I said it didn’t fit with anything I was currently writing and so I wasn’t going to be pursuing more of that story just yet. Apparently, that was a lie. I am pursuing that story. Or rather, that story seems to be pursuing me. I couldn’t get that description out of my mind the other day, so I expanded on it just a little bit. That just a little bit turned into the first couple of pages of new story…one that is in a completely different genre and age level than anything else I’m writing (or have written before), AND a pseudo-elevator pitch. I say pseudo-elevator pitch because an elevator pitch is meant to be short. It is something you write that quickly and easily describes/summarizes what you’ll be working on. Mine turned into more a book jacket summary:

During the summer of her junior year in college, Maria is suddenly drawn into a dark and different world when a new family moves into her quiet neighborhood with big plans for the small street.

With her family’s business, and life as they know it, at stake Maria must learn to note to trust anyone, including herself.

Joey “The Fish” Barbo has his name for two reasons.

#1 he looks like a creepy fish from the dark of your nightmares.

#2 he doesn’t play well with others and is always a cold fish.

It doesn’t really hurt anything that his last name literally means Fish in Italian.

He uses these things to his advantage now. Everyone who doesn’t know about the Fish will soon enough. Especially that flame haired tailor’s daughter. She’s going to get to know him very, very well.


Sounds like I’m in for a thrill ride with this one and I am excited, even if it is the fourth project I’ve got juggling around right now. How many things do you work on at a time?




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