My Grandparents came to visit yesterday.

I know what you’re thinking: Beth, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? THIS is a writing blog!

Just hang in there guys. I promise the old guys are relevant!

So my grandparents came to visit yesterday and brought me the huge couch from their living room. I didn’t really need a couch but when Grandpa said he was getting rid of it…well, that couch is the best reading/writing/napping while you pretend to read and write couch that we’ve ever had. I wasn’t letting that get away! We spent a couple of hours chatting while my child ran around all crazy like and went out for a family dinner. After dinner my parents and child went to an area VBS and left me to visit with Gamma and Peepaw. I didn’t even get into the house before Gamma banished me to my room. You see, she is one of THOSE grandmas. One of a kind in the clique I hope we all have or have had access to in our lives. She is capital P Proud of me. She likes to write in her free time and she LOVES that I strive to write every day and across multiple age levels and genres. She is absolutely convinced that I will get an agent and publishing deal any day now. She doesn’t brook any arguments. So when she said: We’re just going to be down here reading. Don’t you want to go up to your room and write while its quiet hun? it didn’t take me long to realize that was NOT a question but a command. Whether in my home or hers, that woman will send me off or sit me at the table and make sure I get my writing time in. Word count doesn’t matter to her, the act of pursuing my dreams and goals does. She will often ask me for my favorite sentence of the day, or what (in my opinion) is the best thing I’ve written lately. She pushes me and makes sure I know that she loves to do it.

That whole long story was not just told as an homage to my Gramma (although she is an amazing woman and I love her dearly). It was told so that we can get to the meat of the story, and the question.

Sometimes people show their love and support in different ways. There are some who pay lip service and move on, still never quite understanding your drive but wanting to be supportive. Then there are some who, whether or not they understand, push you to keep going, remind you of your goals, and gently shove you over the cliff when you’ve sat down to rest. My Gramma is the second type. If she knows I’m writing, or she has sent me to put in my time, then heaven help the person who interrupts me. If I stop to rest, she’s there to shove me over the word cliff. When I reach the bottom she’ll hand over some coffee and a rope because it’s time to scale the next rock face.

So the question is this: DO YOU have someone like my Gramma who is there to push you and make sure you make it to your goals? If not, I suggest snatching up a writing buddy or two and really pushing each other. Let me know if you need me to fill in every once in a while. I get a little perverse thrill from sending my friends to their rooms to write.



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