Works in Progress: Update 7/19/2017

Some days (or nights) you just have an idea that pops out and won’t leave you alone. That is exactly what happened with the Monster Under My Bed. He hopped out, grabbed my foot, and held on for dear life until I started writing his story.

At first I was frustrated and annoyed. I wrote a short synopsis and intended to leave it at that until I was finished focusing on Sock Jacked, the middle grade book that I am currently living, breathing, in love with. That didn’t seem to work for Franco, my monster.

He bugged me.

He whispered lines to me.

He made it impossible to ignore him.

So now I am working on three writing projects. You would think I would be overwhelmed by all this…three very different plotlines, three very different age levels, and three very different genres. The truth is that the addition of this new children’s book just makes me even more excited to get to writing every day. No matter what I’m working on, the energy and electricity pulls me through word to word to sentence to story.

As for the new book…well I will tell you more about Franco soon. He’s feeling a little shy today.


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