She sat there, staring up at the moon who had been such a special friend to her. Tonight the girl had no words, no tears to cry. She was beyond the trivial pains…now she was numb and anxious. Stressed and worried about all of the pieces of her life that seemed intent on falling away from the whole. The moon stared back, soft light filtering over the scene. Red hair falling in waves around her pale face, smoke curling from her dark lips, despair written in the dark shadows lining her face. An even darker entity stalking her with toothy grimace. The moon feared she could do nothing for her friend. Anxiety had its hold too tightly wrapped for her to hear the whispers of the wind and star beams. Soon, their girl would be lost.

Plans broken without a whisper. Heart shattered without a word. Her world lies in tattered pieces of dreams and promises, being walked upon around her and scattered to the wind. She is not ok…I am not ok. 

The phone rings, the girl wipes her tears and answers with false brightness. She takes care of everyone else, who is there for her? She tells no one, the moon cries…and the shadows smile.


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