Food for Thought…

I feel like the beginning of ever post I put on here has the apology for not having written lately. Well, this is no exception. However, there will be no excuses today. While there are reasons, including (but not limited to) a depressed anxiety that we will NOT be discussing…I don’t want to waste our time with those things today.

I will also not be posting anything from my current work in progress, though you may rest assured that I am writing daily and participating in Camp NaNoWriMo ( this month. You can find me and my sporadic updates there under the name writerbaby13.

Today, however, I want to discuss something else with you…and that something else is the little phrase “Concious Decision.”

The impetous for this post started with the afore mentioned mental health issues (thus the mentioning of them). Suffice it to say that the past month SUCKED in a myriad of heinous ways. It has, however, pushed me to make a few realizations over the past several days. The chief of those realizations is that I will never reach my goals or achieve my dreams by gliding through my days on auto pilot and whining that I really meant to (fill in missed activity here).

I slowly realized that I must make the concious decision to put my foot down, or pick my foot up, and go Do the things. I want to write, so I need to schedule and jealousy guard my writing time. I want to be healthy and fit, so I need to decide that I’m eating healthily and exercising and then conciously decide to keep that appointment and promise with myself. Whether it be things like scheduling, following dreams, getting healthy, doing your best work, or even staying loyal to an (either physically or mentally) distant partner, the way to turn your life around or sideways or whichever way you’re heading is to make the CONCIOUS DECISION to make your choices, and stick with them.

writing at least an hour a day: phone turned off and writing timed

going to the gym, even when my friend cancelled

recording calories and water intake to see what needs tweaking

beginning the long road to re-quitting smoking…

Those are just a few things that I’ve conciously decided on over the past few days (occassionally FORCEFULLY reminding myself that I’ve conciously decided…but deciding nonetheless)…have you made some concious decisions lately? Or is there something you need to be pushing yourself about? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comment section, so come talk to me!


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