The Way We Were: Excerpt

Ok guys, I’ve been typing up my handwritten first draft of the NA fantasy novel that I’ve had in the works for over a year now. Though it isn’t even close to finished, I passed the 55,000 word mark today and decided to celebrate by sharing a newly typed up section with you. Let me know what you think down in the comments!


By this point Lee was cringing back as each word became punctuated with a hard jab to his bare breast bone. “I am so sorry that I saved you without thought for myself. If I had let you be taken, my chest would still be pristine. Oh what’s this? No quick come back? Can the great Queen of…”

“Shut up and listen.”

Howls rent the night around them.

“Ah good, the boys are back. See, no worries.”

“NO WORRIES?” Eliza leapt across the room and ran out to open the front door. “NO WORRIES? A trio of HUGE wolves just raced through a busy Southern Florida city. I’m sure that no one noticed that at all. OH MY GOD LEE!” The sound of the door slamming reverberated through all the windows.

“What,” he snapped, still clutching the flimsy towel around his waist as he marched through the house. “What could I have possibly done in the last thirty seconds that could have pissed you off…that is not our pack.”

“very astute observation there Sherlock,” Eliza’s retort lacked her natural bite however, “Who are they? Why are they here? Did Axel send them? WHAT IS GOING ON?”

The shadow sorcerer grabbed her shoulders, looked deep into his best friend’s eyes, drank up the fear and confusion within, and very slowly enunciated, “I don’t know.”

She slapped him. “You don’t have to be an ass about it you know. At the very least, animal control will probably be showing up in our front yard soon! Not to mention the fact that we still don’t know what’s going on with our wolves.”

“What’s wrong darlin’, you don’t trust us to handle ourselves in a little dust up?” A droll voice drawled from behind the duo.

“Or to remember where the hide-a-key is either, apparently,” a second voice joked as Lee and Eliza whipped around to confront the intruders.

There, ragged, bloody, and disheveled but definitely not dead, stood the three male members of their own wolf pack.

Masking her relief with a healthy dose of annoyance, Eliza let out a heavy sigh, “Oh thank goodness. Now I can sleep well knowing that you three idjets didn’t get thrown in puppy prison. Lee, you can deal with this. You’re all dressed for the occasion.” Back held ramrod straight, she took herself off to collapse into a puddle of bedding and tears.

“I thought she would be a little more excited to see us,” Clayton quipped, idly scratching his bare chest.

“Women are mysterious creatures,” Brent shrugged, “She’s probably just pissed at the crud we brought in.”

They all looked sheepishly at the mud and gore that had been tracked across Eliza’s floors upon their entrance and was still dripping off of their naked frames.


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