Writing Update: 11/29/16

Well I wasn’t able to get a lot done in NaNoWriMo (as I’m sure you’ve guessed!). However, as someone who doesn’t write around other people very much because of my anxiety issues (trying to write around people has become more and more of a trial over the past few years, I rarely even write in front of my child or parents) this past week was actually fairly productive for me. I wound up writing a few pages in both of my current projects while my friend played video games and it was very comfortable, and comforting, for me. So while I didn’t get anywhere close to 50k this month, I feel like I made it “home” in my writing and that has pumped me up to write more…so I still WIN!

Ok, enough of that! Let’s get to an excerpt, shall we? (Why yes, yes we shall)

This is the most recent bit from The Way We Were, enjoy:

“Oh he’s not going anywhere,” Cecily crooned, running her fingers through Lee’s short hair possessively, “Are you sweetie?”

Lee frantically looked between the two, lips working soundlessly, like a fish out of water as he tried to find something, anything, to say to break the tension between his girl and his best friend.

“Oh? And just what makes you think that you’re going to able to stop him,” Eliza’s voice had reached a deathly level of sugary calm that had the room’s male inhabitants flinching away instinctively.

“Not a what, honey,” Cecily cocked her head and flashed a bright smile that was millimeters away from snarling. “A who.”

As though he had been waiting for just such a cue, Axel Grey smoothly stepped up and enveloped Eliza in a lover like embrace, if your lover is really heavy into BDSM with the twist of a knife added in for funsies.

Are you working on anything? Let me know down below!


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