NaNoWriMo – How to Lose Amiably

I know this is a bit early for a loser’s acceptance speech. I have 3 weeks left in November and NaNo is just getting well and truly up to speed. However, at the end of today (the 8th) I should be sitting at 9,336 words (at the least!)…my current word count is 1836. This means that I would need to write 7,500 words before midnight in order to catch up and I really don’t see that happening. I might still rally, I typically do. I definitely won’t give up writing or stop NaNo-ing just because I’m a lotta bit behind. However, I’m not prepping any winner’s circle dances either. It is a Tuesday, a school day and school night. I will teach most of the day and afterward I will go home with my 4 year old and clean, cook, and watch movies until bedtime. This is the way of my world. I was lucky to write 230 words yesterday. I will feel lucky to write 300 today…7500 would be a gigantic lottery win.

So that’s how I’m doing right now. How about you? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo 2016? If so, how’s your word count looking? If not, are you still writing something?

if you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to, and maybe being my buddy, my NaNo name is writerbaby13. Look me up 😀


Excerpt from November 7, 2016 NaNo Writing (*copyright 2016 by ESTyree)

“The Council of Krakens?” Ferdinand and Jo exchanged a furtive and shocked glance.

“Why yes,” Ill seemed just as shocked at the men’s apparent ignorance as they were at this new revelation. “Did Secretary de la Kraken not inform you of the council’s creation?”

“Not as of yet, no,” Ferdinand responded dryly, “But I am sure his grace is beyond busy at the moment, new duties to see to and all that.”

“Not to mention his blushing girlfriend,” Jo inserted, “She could have told us about this!”

“That he is,” Illean agreed easily, ignoring Jo’s rant and settling his huge frame into the shallows of their secluded beach, “So it is I who will bring you up to speed then. First, it was obvious that the largest gathering of krakens in the known histories would need a governing council, someone to help guide and listen and to bring the people’s voices together. For that reason, each of the arriving groups was invited to nominate a secretary for said council. Secretary Sergio de la Kraken was first nominated and first approved by the people.”

That made perfect sense, so the men nodded along amiably.



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