NaNo Day 1 – Excerpt

Chad Pulled in to the hotel parking lot and parked his skepticmobile in line with the rest of PDA’s vehicles. Before he could even get the trunk popped and the door closed behind him, Chad was being waylaid by Blun, a large and blustering cowboy type.

“Oh ho ho, fancy man,” Blun (who’s own father had knowingly name him William Blunderbuss Bond) trundled quickly over, meaty hands waving for Chad to wait. “Don’t go getting your hopes up about this one now boy,” Blun gestured widely to the cinder blocks stacked up behind them in semblance of a building. “I doubt this is up to your usual standard, hey? HA!”

Chad laughed along with his blustering colleague for a moment, not deigning to mention that he never held out much hope for anything, least of all the lay over places PDA chose to rent out.

Still…”It is not unpleasant,” he countered, “And the sign out front promises that the problem with WiFi has definitely been fixed now.”

“Eternal optimist, this on,” Blun roared to passing cohorts, who looked mildly shocked at the sound, “There are only 23 rooms and we’ve taken over half. The rest are mostly empty, from the desk clerk was saying. We shouldn’t have an issue keeping up with each other anyway.”

And then, before Chad could begin to formulate an appropriate response, Blunderbuss Bond lumbered off to genially roar at more incoming PDA’s, leaving Chad shaking his head and finally being able to head off to the main building and get a room of his very own.

WC – 261 *copywrite 11/1/2016 ESTyree*

I was going to give you a short excerpt…but this is literally all I managed to write on the 1st! Happy NaNo Ya’ll!


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