Conversations (on Love) with the Moon at Sunrise

I was speaking to a dear friend of mine this morning and something she said sparked a bought of creativity. I don’t typically write in this style, so please bear with me.

The cool front swept through overnight and her toes are cold as the young woman huddles in a lycra jacket, her pajama bottoms and tank top not quite enough to cut the chill. A bird calls in the distance and she looks wistfully in that direction before turning her face to the lightening sky and the ever present moon. Sighing, she lights a cigarette, sits on the front step, and whispers: No message yet.

(moon) – Is a morning message required to win your love?

(girl) – Well no but…

(moon) – no buts about it, just because he has been messaging you and doesn’t now is no indication of how things go…unless you make it that way. Do you love him?

(girl) – well yes I…

(Moon) – then why does one message matter? Is the only important thing that he ask how your night went before the day has truly begun? Do you only wish for distance and good morning salutations preceded by a ding

(Girl) – No. I don’t want mere morning messages. I don’t want him to have to ask how my night went. I want to wake up to his alarm and feel his arms around me. I want to sleepily snuggle into my blankets as he rises for the day, and to feel his lips press warmly to my forehead before he goes to wash his face. I want to make sure he eats breakfast before he leaves for work, to kiss him and wish him a good day while he’s opening up the front door. I want to wake up our children and laugh at them as we get ready and head to school. I want to spend my days like that, every single one of them. School, kids, work, home…all of them. But we are not there, we are at the good morning messages.

(moon) – Feelings that deep are not fodder for morning messages. Some days are busy, always remember that he is not at your beck and call any more than you are at his. Love is Love lady, morning messages or no. Love does not need a cell phone. See, here is my love now…come to boot me out of the sky and into my bed for the day.

Sighing the woman bids the moon adieu, goes inside, and sets the phone in her purse before getting ready for work. The moon is right, love does not need morning messages, love is not contained in a cell phone.


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