Introducing – DRAT

My mother/illustrator has been creating a coloring book for our church fair booth and one of the pictures she created wound up being one she didn’t want to use for the coloring book…but that she wanted to color up for me to frame and hang in my office.


In the process, she created for me someone who is now prowling in my head and waiting to be folded into a story. I couldn’t be happier about it. So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you my new favorite…Drat (Aithne Grace)



Aithne’s Thoughts:

Some people say I’m a throwback, a genetic oddity that used to exist somewhere a thousand or more years ago that was only whispered about…until I came along. Some people say that before she had me, my mother spent too much time around her human’s other friends, the dragons from another world. Some people say I’m an abomination and others say I’m a new evolution. I say they should probably just leave me alone, I’m quite happy with who, what, and where I am. Oh, how rude of me, I haven’t properly introduced myself have I? My name is Aithne Grace, but most people just call me DRAT.


Artwork by Becky A. Tyree – Illustrator, Tyree Tomes


My official occupation is that of a knowledge guard, but I really just get to spend my days curled around the stacks in this library, wrapped up in reading (much like my human). My human doesn’t set me to work often, though I am trained to stop thieves when needed. That training was mostly just learning self control, no one wants you to save the priceless books from being burgled by setting them all on fire. But my human usually just wants to plop me in their lap, or have me curl up on a cushion near them. We read together, we discuss our thoughts on different topics, and we live a very lovely and quiet existence.


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