A Podcast Recommendation

I have a quick, exciting announcement to share with you today! I was given the chance to be part of a podcast that will be airing on August the 9th. Despite some severe technological difficulties (in which my computer refused to play with anyone), weather issues (in which a storm messed with the internets), and personal issues (by which I mean I have a cold and a deeply sexy phlegm laden voice) we were able to get a recording for my lovely hostess to work with.

This opportunity allowed me to read a short story and a random excerpt from The Stone Dragon Saga for the podcasts listeners, and I hope you will consider being among them!

Yes, I know I haven’t named the program yet…here it goes….*DRUMROLL PLEASE*

ok, ok, I’ll stop. My Podcast Premier is being made with The Segilola Salami Show! They were very kind and opened up August spots to Indie authors, allowing me to snag this amazing chance to read some of my work for a wider audience. This also means that there are 3 or 4 other shows being recorded for August that will feature other indie authors and their work. I highly recommend you check that out!

This chance got me to thinking (after the stress of actually talking and stuff wore off) and I realized that I haven’t listened to many podcasts. I always MEAN to, and I always start to search for them…but then I never do. SO, here is your chance to assert your voice here at Soul Stained Ink: What is your favorite podcast? Let me know and post a link for me to go check it out.


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