A Little Push…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle to get to my writing. Times like today, when I pushed myself to pack 1 more box, sweet 1 more tile, run 1 more errand, really distract and pull me away from my work(s) in progress. There are days when a target word count just doesn’t seem all that important. But that isn’t true. That lie, the one the little voice whispers to you; the one that says your word counts, your work in progress, your happy writing time just aren’t important…that lie is why I am writing to you at just after midnight (don’t worry…I’ll schedule the post for a bit more manageable time…we can’t all be night owls!).

The thing is, that lie is an easily bought in to idea that slows down or ruins people’s hobbies and/or dreams every single day. We buy in to it so much, in fact, that little children know the idea, know the tiny voice that sells the lie, and are already starting to buy in to it. My not-quite-4 yr old daughter told me that she loves dancing BUT I “shouldn’t spend money on lessons because its not so important.” See, she heard someone say something about how expensive lessons are and she’s heard my parents and I worry over whether the things that make us happy, like writing, are ‘worth’ spending (or ‘wasting’) our time on when there are so many other, “more important” things that need handling. So let’s take a moment and let my tiny child’s issue bring this idea to the forefront of your mind. Are you thinking about it? Imagine it as a little person, attached to that infernal voice. Got the image? Good…now imagine yourself, holding a memento of whatever your hobby, dream, or work in progress might be. Now kick that little dream killer voice’s booty. Sock him/her right in the kisser and send them on their merry way!

Remember this, if your dream is important to you then it is important. Don’t allow scoffers, nay sayers, tiny disembodied voices, or errands keep you from pursuing that dream. You may have to carve out miniscule amounts of time to make it happen, but some time is better than no time at all!


What are you working on right now? Are you writing something or do you have another hobby/dream you’re pursuing? Please let me know, I would love to hear about it!

Now I leave you with a particularly relevant quote that I ran across on a great Tumbl’r page, here. Until next time, my friends, may life hand you inspirations and interesting words.



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