Am I the Only One?

“There is no grammar and punctuation in your head, you just think SH** yeah?” – Mercedes of Mercy’s Bookish Musings

Well, no offense to Mercedes (who is a lovely and well educated woman) but I very often have to wrangle with the punctuation inside of my head.


You’re talking to a friend. The conversation is going well, the laughs are frequent and the debate is fierce. Every sentence you speak is going over well with everyone…except you. Because in the back of your mind every nasal intonation, every breath break, every vocal crack is cause for punctuation to be rearranged. Words and sentences are constantly being pulled from the linings of your mind. Plucked down and placed, the punctuation keeping things sane. You hear people don’t think in grammaticaly correct ways and wonder, “Am I the only one, then?” and then you wonder if that comma between one and then is completely necessary. You move it around a bit. You are only distracted when someone mentions lunch.

*end scenario*

Welcome to the lovely world that is my brain. Centered somewhere around the top, rear curve of my lovely head, the grammar and punctuation workshop is constantly working. This isn’t just some ‘writing’ thing, where I don’t think about it unless I’m in the midst of a draft. NO! This is an all day, every day affliction. I didn’t know stream of conscious meant without punctuation and proper grammar until I got points marked off for using them.

Do you subconsciously grammar and punctuate too? Are you like me? OR is there something different that you deal with? Let me know!

May your inspiration flow and never be completely stemmed.



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