Dragon Rewrite/Exclusive Chat and Excerpt

If you watch my BookTube channel, then you probably already know that I’m working on a rewrite of my first novel Dragon on My Neck. Well, I’m excited to be able to say that I’ve ACTUALLY been working on the rewrite! In fact, the first 4 full chapters have gotten the ol’ spit shine and revise. While I was very anxious about embarking upon this journey, I am kind of in love with how it is working out. If you’ve ever gone and tried to completely re-work something you adore, you will know exactly the feeling I’m talking about here!

There are probably a few questions to ask at this point. Things like “how much revision is too much?” and “If you take things out and rework it, but leave those characters in elsewhere, does that clean it up or confuse the book?” But that’s neither here nor there at the moment…I think…I hope…I’m moving on.

If you’re a writer or have had to re-do something like this, please tell me about it in the comments and we’ll share our growing pains.

Now I think I shall leave you with a small snippet from the chapter I finished earlier. I hope that you enjoy this excerpt and have a lovely day!

Exclusive Content: Chapter Excerpt: Dragon on My Neck

Days, weeks, and months dragged by as Aliphonsore was used for the Fairy Queen’s entertainment needs. Every day he was forced to fly, flame, and freeze as Passiona’s friends came to court to see her new pet.  After each display of his power, Passiona would pull the small dragon away from the people around him, turning him back into a necklace before he could speak to anyone for any real amount of time. Soon Passiona started keeping Al in necklace form even in court, telling everyone that he preferred to stay in that shape to ‘preserve his energy’.

Almost a year after she had brought Aliphonsore to the palace, Queen Passiona woke him up while walking through a new flower labyrinth she had just finished creating.

“Happy Birthday Aliphonsore,” The Queen giggled as Al stretched his rusty joints.

“Thank you Your Majesty,” Al murmured. “But my birthday was two months ago.”

“What? Oh tosh…Its today and I’ve brought you a lovely gift. Come on, Come ON!”

Al obediently followed Queen Passiona to the center of her labyrinth, exhilarating in the ability to stretch his wings and fully expecting to find some dragon cakes or maybe a new, more fashionable, collar at the center. (Passiona had taken to leashing the boy when he wasn’t frozen and worn as a statement piece). At the final turn, Passiona rushed ahead excited as a child, urging Al to move faster to find his lovely surprise.

Following at a slightly elevated pace, Al turned the corner into the center, and gasped as he saw the queen’s “lovely gift.” His family, still caught as statues and with moss growing around their toes and tails, were all positioned in a miniature orchard as if in the middle of that long ago game of tag.


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